Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

This weeks assignment:    Ten Things I am Looking Forward to Right Now.

1.    Breakfast.    Yes, I eat breakfast every day, usually oatmeal or a egg sandwich, but today I
       will have something different because I have a day off.

2.   Shoveling snow.   Yep, that would be the cause of why I have a day off.    Not only is my office
       closed, but the Fed. Gov. is closed.    That would mean that everyone will be heading for the
       mall later.  Silly people

3.  Sun.   Because when it shines on the sparkling snow it is extra pretty.

4.  Visit with my mom this weekend.

5.  Spring.   Yep, a long way off, but already I am thinking about what to do in the yard, how
     soon I should get started, and the all important question . . . will I actually DO anything?

6.   A little housework.   Because I slacked off this weekend having fun with family - much
      more important that housework, the bathrooms and kitchen are clean so it isn't horrible.

7.   Church rummage sale.    Next month.    I like working in the baby room, sorting clothes and toys
      and getting them ready for the sale.    I also like gathering stuff out of my house to donate.

8.  A quiet day knitting (after shoveling snow)

9.   Girl Scout Cookies - Arrival anticipated any day now!

10.   Getting those taxes finished.

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